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Germany: 6 Places you simply cannot miss

This is a guest post by Denise M.

Germany has a very colorful background which had contributed massively to the world’s overall course of history. From Martin Luther’s Reformation Movement to the totalitarian regime of Adolf Hitler, there are far greater things to discover (and to rediscover) in this land.

Germans are primarily known for a lot of things. Firstly, Germans are said to be conservative. Foreign influences, such as poker playing, took some time before Germans embraced the card game entirely. The popularity of poker grew widely as other popular poker varieties invaded the country such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha and PLO. The card game later on became a big hit, reaching even the far off places, with the help of the internet. Poker players in Germany as well as in several points of the globe enthusiastically learned to play poker at online poker portals like http://de.partypoker.com/ These online poker tables produced several German poker players including the eminent poker queen, Sandra Naujuks.

Apart from producing amazing poker players, Germany is known for its majestic hot spots popular to its frequent visitors. To name a few, we listed most visited places in Germany right below.


Rugen Cliffs :
The magnificent long line of cliffs is located in Jasmund National Park, in the northeast of Rugen Island. Forests situated just behind the cliffs are part of the National Park.

Romantic Rhine:
Set just between Koblenz and Bingen, Romantic Rhine is said to be a well known section of the Rhine. The river Rhine flows through the steep valleys with countless castles and historical ruins. The river is noted as one of the historical places in location, as this was once an important trade route since the ancient times.

Cologne Cathedral:
Known as the greatest gothic religious establishment in Germany, Cologne Cathedral has been attracting multitudes of visitors every year. It took 600 years for the cathedral to be built, which was started in 1248.

Cologne Cathedral

This castle has been the ultimate fairy tale castle and became an inspiration for several fairytale castles we see in most Disney movies. The castle was owned by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, who was declared mentally ill when the castle was almost finished in 1886.

Brandenburg Gate:
This gate is the only existing gate that represents peace between East and West Berlin. Built in the 18th century, the Brandenburg gate serves as an entry to Unter den Linden, the famous boulevard of Jinden trees.

Heidelberg Old City:
This old city is one of the popular destinations in Germany. This city was spared during the World War II allied bombings. Heidelberg has retained its humbling alleys, historical houses and the famous Heidelberg Castle.


It is a city that is connected by a bridge and a railway and has over 3,000 residents. Lindau is full of medieval establishments, and later on became one of the top visited places in Germany.

Have you visited Germany yet? Let us know your top picks from the country.

Denise is an aspiring blogger and writer. She started travelling at the age of 20 and been to countries such as Germany and USA. She plays online games when she has loads of free time and she likes reading travel books to learn more on the countries she would be visiting in the near future.

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