Tuesday, April 23

The Weekly Frame - Black Background

Black backgrounds look attractive, don't they? Considering its relatively easy to obtain a black background in a studio, it might get a little tricky to get it in the outdoors while playing with objects of nature.
This one is for all of you who had mailed me/fb-ed me/twitted me asking how to create a black background while shooting outside.
Here are my few cents on how to achieve this:

1. Get up in the morning or venture out in the afternoon. You will need oblique light rays to get this effect. A midday sun at the top can spoil your attempt.

2. Look for places that are intermittently lit, something like a mesh of lit-ups and shadows. A garden with tall trees around can be your best bet. It is important for your subject to be lit when its surroundings are not.

3. Find a subject that is well illuminated with its surroundings moderately lit or in shadows.
The background objects should be at a considerable distance and preferably in shadows.

Click .. and bingo! - here is your shot with a black background without any post processing.

Do share your thoughts and attempts in the comments section.

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