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Ask Arnab : Which is the best honeymoon destination in India

"Ask Arnab" is my initiative to organize all your queries sent to me through email, fb, twitter or carrier pigeons. It will serve two purposes, help fellow travellers with similar queries directly find my answer on the web and help me save the cost of housing an elephant to remember all that I replied before.

Its raining honeymoon questions here on "Ask Arnab". The first question on this series was also on honeymoon. This makes me look for the term 'honeymoon' in my posts, just to figure out why my readers feel I am good at honeymoon planning. Whatever, we will go straight into the question..
This one is from Cornell Raymond from Singapore

Hi Arnab,
I have been following your blog since long. Your travel stories from India are very inspiring. My fiancee follows your photo updates regularly. We are getting married in New Delhi in early June this year and will go for a honeymoon in India somewhere around the last week of June or early July. Which place is best for honeymoon in India? We have decided on Kerala, Manali and Goa initially, which is the best among them? Also suggest a few good packages for these places.


Congratulations on your wedding Cornell. To answer your first question, the best place to go on a honeymoon in India is definitely the Andaman Islands. May be its the beach-lover in me talking, but there is nothing quite like lazing on the white sand beaches with your beloved and see the sea change its color from turquoise to prussian blue.
From the ones you have already chosen, let me brief you one by one.


Manali enjoys good weather in June. Its the best time for adventure activites like parasailing, zorbing and paragliding in nearby Solan Valley. You can find snow in Rohtang Pass. But remember, if your trip plan gets delayed to July, the occasional rainfall can spoil it. Slippery roads and landslides are the last things you would want on your honeymoon.


Goa's beaches are famous and I am sure it was a straight-forward choice into your list. Honestly, June end or July might not be the best time to be at Goa. Temperatures can go upto 40 degree celsius and heavy rainfall can play spoilsport to your beach holiday. But if dramatic nightlife and lip-smacking seafood sound good to you, let no one stop you from going to Goa.


If I were you, I would have gone to Kerala. Imagine floating on a houseboat in the middle of an expansive lake or a narrow backwater canal with lush foliage and swaying palm trees on all sides. And then, when the rain comes down, you hold her hand and tell her its the happiest moment in your life. Now, isn't that romantic?

All the Best!

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