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Ask Arnab : Phuket or Pattaya ?

"Ask Arnab" is my initiative to organize all your queries sent through email, fb, twitter or carrier pigeons. It will serve two purposes, help fellow travellers with similar queries directly find my answer on the web and help me save the cost of housing an elephant to remember all that I replied before.

The first question on "Ask Arnab" is from Shobhit Agarwal from Ghaziabad, India

Question :
I saw of your amazing pictures from Thailand on FB and instantly became your fan. I am planning a honeymoon trip to Thailand in May and need your help in planning the last segment of my trip. I am staying in Bangkok for 3 days, after that I am thinking of visiting either Pattaya or Phuket. I still could not decide between the two and want you to resolve the Phuket Vs Pattaya problem for me.

Answer :
Congratulations on your wedding Shobhit. I am glad you chose Thailand for your honeymoon.
Pattaya and Phuket are popular in their own ways. You will need to decide on what you want on your honeymoon.

If you want to do loads of fun activities, intensive shopping and enjoy Thailand's roaring nightlife, Pattaya is the way to go. But remember, the beaches aren't clean, the water isn't clear and weekends can get heavily crowded with the local holidaymakers. Pattaya Nightlife is an important part of Pattaya Tourism, so don't miss the glitzy discos and funky go-go bars if you land up in Pattaya.

If you want a relaxed and lazy holiday watching the waves of the Andaman Sea crash against a white sand beach - semi-circled by forested ridges, Phuket is where you should go.

Pattaya is a city, while Phuket is an island, so its easy to get around in Pattaya than in Phuket. Overall Phuket is expensive than Pattaya but suits the honeymooner looking for seclusion.If you decide on Phuket, prefer staying at Kata or Karon to stay away from the crowds and the madness of Patong.

Good Luck!

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